No. NoCut pad is firmly-attached to the lifting belt, which prevents the sling gear from making balancing movements during the tuning operation. NoCut bumper isn't fixed to the lifting belt and it can fall off.
The fabric manufacturer recommends P3 Nexo by Henkel to clean the NoCut.
No. NoCut is only for protecting edges. The round sling and/or the lifting strap are the supporting parts.
The Velcro clings to the fabric, which leads to fine filaments being loosened and pulled out and damages the fabric.
A qualified person may perform the visual inspection.
Products from the NoCut must undergo a visual inspection before each use.
Products belonging to the NoCut series are not subject to machine guidelines.
The stripes identify the NoCut as a SpanSet product and are part of the brand.
No, usage is limited to its intended purpose, which is explained in the product liability and insurance protection.
Products belonging to the NoCut® series are marked with a label.
Yes, our customer service representatives will assist you in implementing and allocating.
A sharp edge is already given when edge radius “r” is less that material thickness “d” of the lifting tackle
The combination of NoCut sleeve or padling gear allow for attachment to different, sharp edges. Using technical advice, NoCut can even be attached to edge radii that are less than 1mm. Please refer to the instruction manual for more details. Radii overview