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Handling of e.g. sharp-edged sheets is often improvised with an unsatisfactory solution in the end: among others, a pile of gloves or cardboard is being used as edge protection. This is an infringement of legal provisions and can result in accidents with a fatal outcome. For that reason, protect your load attachment rigging using edge protection that was specifically developed for sharp edges. Extend the service life of your load attachment rigging and increase the safety of your employees.

Your safety takes priority

For a safe lifting process, care must be taken to ensure that, irrespective of the size, weight and geometry of a load, the lifting slings and roundslings are not in contact with any unprotected edges. The textile lifting slings may be damaged and the load may fall. But when is a sharp edge present and how can the lifting sling be protected? Because an edge can be damaging for a lifting sling, even if it isn‘t razor-sharp!

Definition of the sharp edge

Nothing is left to chance!

With a test facility built specifically for the development of NoCut, various tests have been performed on sharp edges. The cut resistance of NoCut was investigated in combination with a selected lifting sling under nominal load conditions. A test scenario was defined for the experiment, on the basis of which certification of NoCut was carried out by DEKRA. These results were confirmed in field tests prior to the actual product launch, and were documented in useful handling instructions.

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Increased cut protection!

The edge, the protection and the safety

Only a few years after its launch onto the market, it is impossible to imagine lifting sharp-edged loads without the NoCut sleeve and NoCut pad for protecting textile lifting slings. Outstanding product features which are discussed in consultation with the users, and continuously optimised.

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NoCut® sleeve

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NoCut® pad

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NoCut® bumper

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Additional edge protection

Our strength is in diversity

Steel-reinforced, with a surface polish, and designed as a clip or sleeve that is coated on one side or both sides - secutex protective sleeves are as diverse as their applications in industry and trade.

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